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The Idea

My idea to start creating ShockDesigns was created by my ability to reach out and explore new things, aside from just recording and editing YouTube videos. I found enjoyment in making graphics for myself, and pretty soon they were in high demand. I decided to start selling them in order to prevent work overload and help with availability. What keeps me going is the positive feedback on my videos and graphics.

My Goal

ShockDesigns stemmed from my idea of becoming a great YouTuber. Now I’m helping aspiring and upcoming YouTubers get a jump-start by offering cheap, affordable graphics. If you already have a channel? Great. Now improve it even more buy buying a new banner. Graphics helps your channel attract attention and get you noticed out there within the community.

About Me

It all started in 2011.
My YouTube channel was started on November 12, 2011.

On November 12, 2011, I started my very own YouTube channel with the hopes of growing big like the popular YouTubers I used to watch every day. The channel name began under the name of "gamegreg39" and I started to begin making videos. At the time, I had nearly zero recording equipment for making videos. My only option was to use my iPad 2. I also loved a game called Minecraft, which was fairly new to the mobile world and I was almost addicted to it. My first videos consisted of filming short Minecraft Pocket Edition videos with two iPads: one i'm playing with, and the other to record with. Later on I began to explore other ideas, and I started filming videos of other toys that interested me. Eventually I found out how to record the screen of my iPad, and I also recorded fair audio that wasn't too low-quality. Naturally, I had to expand out once more, and I began interacting with the computer, drawing simple things with applications like Photoshop. After watching a few videos, my ideas transformed into full length graphics, and ever since I have been determined to continue the tradition of improving. Beginning in 2013, I began to sell Minecraft graphics, and the Minecraft community was at the height of its success. To this day, I am still selling graphics to customers, but this time ranging from a sports gamer to a Minecraft gamer. My arsenal has expanded very far from the start and I have recently began creating sports editing - something I enjoy very much. Of course, I still love creating graphics and that is why I provide prices that are almost too good to be true. I hope that you would consider purchasing graphics for whatever needs you may have. Every purchase makes my day.

  • Professionalism

    I keep a very professional manner when talking to customers and discussing plans for their graphics. I always reply quickly to customers.

  • Experience & Flexibility

    I am an extremely experienced graphic designer, who has worked in the field for almost 4 years. I can create graphics for whatever needs you may have.

  • Low fees

    I charge very little for my services, not because they are lower quality, but because I love doing what I do.

  • Quality

    Each graphic will have extremely high quality and will represent exactly what you need.


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Gregory Wu
Head Graphic Designer


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